From a single leaflet to a multi-channel marketing campaign

GET access to the leading VAT savings expertise across all channels in the industry


Our expertise covers all routes to market and just as soon as more are invented we’ll cover those too. Our marketing know-how combined with our tax expertise means we are perfectly placed to assess the VAT status of your supplies and implement a VAT mitigation accordingly.



The Package Test, charity relief, single sourcing, disbursements, agency agreements, customs declarations – we do it all and we do it well. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a lot of knowledge is a powerful thing.

Direct Mail

All forms of mailing including appeal, marketing, transactional and publishing. If you can mail it we can assess it.


Social media, pay-per-click, e-marketing . If you can digitise it we can assess it.


From a simple leaflet to a highly personalised booklet. Point of sale, brochures, transactional. If you can print it we can assess it.


Direct access, C9, agency agreements, hybrid mailing, zonal pricing. If you can post it we can VAT assess it.


Television, radio, billboard. If you can advertise it we can VAT assess it.

Inserts & Door Drops

Newstand, subscriptions, statements, product despatch, door drops. If you can insert it we can VAT assess it.


Artworking, copywriting, photography, image licensing. If you can design it we can VAT assess it.


Newspapers, magazines, books, educational materials, e-books, e-news. If you can publish it we can VAT assess it.


Goods, services, EU, non-EU, customs declarations. If you can export (or import) it, we can VAT assess it.